(Last Updated On: April 22, 2018)

When it comes to making your Instagram business a success, there only one real concern, you follower count. Although there are many applications and software that can indeed track the number of your current followers on this popular social platform, there are those among them that simply cannot be trusted. Despite the obvious reasons for doubting the validity of these apps, you can also confirm whether they’re eligible to use or not by noticing the price. In this line on business where every number in your traffic count makes a potential customer, we can’t deny the fact that certain companies have access to their follower numbers at all times. But how do we, simpletons of online business, track our followers on Instagram and successfully determine the best course of action to keep the digits from deflating?

 Where to Begin?


The first thing that should be on your mind is where to inquire about and ultimately find a suitable way to do the impossible. Tracking your follower count is one thing, but monitoring those that unfollow you on Instagram is entirely another. Luckily, there is always a way to do that which you think is not possible. The catch is that it’s not easy in most cases. Successful marketers know how to approach the problem and where to begin. So if you’re serious about making your profile a success, you shouldn’t be any different than them. A good way to start is to conduct a research about what makes a good marketing strategy online, and how to implement that knowledge in the real world. Once you’ve inquired about popular tools for making the most of your marketing strategy, it’s time to acquire them. Depending on your finances, you might want to consider choosing an app that offers a long-term subscription plan. This way you’ll actually save money, rather than spending all of your investments in the first couple stages when developing your business plan.

 How to Proceed

Now that you’ve determined which app is the best for monitoring the data on your favorite social platform, it’s time to use it. While some find interesting to use this software to view hidden Instagram photos, and gain nothing but temporary satisfaction, serious business planners think differently. Although there are free software of this sort and that which requires real investment, it’s crucial that you know the basic difference between the two. Free software for monitoring follower count, interaction rate, and other relevant data for growing on Instagram doesn’t work. A best case scenario is, that it does work, but the features are limited. This type of software lures customers in massive numbers and pushes them towards purchasing the software.


On the other side, paid software works flawlessly, delivering precise and accurate information every time you use it. No matter how overcrowded the network is at the time, it will show the right digits at any time of the day. You can rely on it to follow the drop or rise in your follower count, see their activity, find interests of your followers and much more. With the right set in mind you can achieve fame and popularity on Instagram pretty fast. Al it takes is to know the software that you’re using and some basic knowledge in marketing. Once you figure that out, it shouldn’t be hard to gather thousands or even millions of followers on your account.

Mixing it All Up

Ultimately, you can mix the two up. By using both free and paid software not only that you’ll save money, but also learn how these programs work if that is your intention. A simple fact that you’d be using two or more data monitoring apps at the same time, shows that you’ll need to learn how to use them properly before attempting to do this to yourself. This isn’t the most effective method, but if you’re starting a private business, own an Instagram business account and want it to grow fast without investing too much in it, it’s a pretty good way to do so. In any case, you can try managing your account while monitoring follower count and other info about your potential customers and see how that turns out for you.


Reliable Sources

If you don’t like any of the above-mentioned methods of managing your Instagram account, follower number and similar data, you should try this method. Apparently there are a couple of reliable sources for finding out who unfollowed you on this amazing social platform. You can find a variety of sources that, usually websites that aren’t focused on promoting or selling this software, that will allow you to use it for free. All that you’ll have to do is subscribe, follow their page or share their blog on your account and voila. You got yourself a free online software that behaves the same way as top dollar paid software. It’s as easy as that. There is, however, one catch. It’s not easy to be sure which provider will stay true and deliver the goods in the end. Just like in every business in online business such as this, there are scammers as well. You shouldn’t be surprised or discouraged if you find out that the source that promised you a free month for using a specific software isn’t comfortable with giving you the access to free software. Luckily for you, there is a way to determine the validity of such providers. Simply find them online and see how popular their online accounts are, how much interaction there is on it, and are their followers real people of just digits.


To Conclude

The apparent need to control the numbers of your potential followers on this social network is more than obvious. We all want more people visiting our account, interacting with our posts and ultimately hitting that follow button. With so many choices on how to approach the situation and fully monitor the number of our followers, one cannot ignore the question, which method is the best?

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