(Last Updated On: January 4, 2018)

Want to explore Instagram’s feed without an account? Surely you’re aware that these actions aren’t possible as for to be able to see anyone’s content on this social network, you’d have to have an account. But what if I told you that it’s not only possible but that you can do it right now? That’s right, after reading through this guide, you’ll be able to see anyone’s profile on Instagram. The best part is, that they won’t even know you were there. You’ll be able to freely roam through Instagram without leaving a trace. Here is how to actually do it.

Walk Through a Park

The first part of this process is to use only tested software that can allow you to see anyone’s Instagram profile without actually having one. It’s extremely easy to do so, as all you need to do is install the software enter your target name and you’ll be able to enjoy downloading and viewing their photos. Although the process is fairly easy, as mentioned before you’ll need to pay attention to what software you’re downloading. Many Instagram viewing apps will guarantee anonymity and security but those might just be the ones that you should avoid using.


It’s no surprise that there are a lot of scammers out there, whose only goal is to get your private data or to earn money through you. They do that by releasing a software that guarantees certain benefits and gains, but in reality, only wastes your time and energy. These are the ones that you should avoid, but how do you know which are fake and which apps are the real deal?

In order to use a free private Instagram viewer or in short Instagram viewing hack, you’ll need to hear about it, right? If your friend recommends you a certain app of this sort, you’ll have reasons to believe it’s true. And the chances are that it actually does work. In that case, you should use the app without ever worrying about your data safety while using that particular tool. However, if you found out about Instagram hacking app via a shady site, and don’t know how or whether it works you’ll have to think for yourself and decide whether it’s a scam or a legitimate software.

 How to Tell the Difference

When deciding whether a certain Instagram viewing app is fake or actually works flawlessly, there are a couple of factors to take into consideration. The first one being aesthetics. No matter what the description tells you if the site that recommends or promotes the use of that software looks like Windows 98 screensaver, chances are that it’s fake. No right-minded web designer or marketer would allow that their project looks like that. So you can simply avoid software reviewed or advertised on those types of sites and you’ll be just fine.


Another way to tell the difference between a functioning Instagram viewing app and a fake one is its following. Even though it should be a secret, these apps are being advertised and in most cases end up as a page on Facebook or other social platform. How big is their following shows whether they are working or not. If they have only a couple of followers and there is little interaction on their posts, it’s probably a fake one as everything is generated. On the other side if the page advertising the app has a huge following with plenty of satisfied users, you should probably investigate more. This way you’ll determine if it’s the real deal or still a fake.

So how to do that and find out if your lead is good? With these pages, the only way that you can tell if the product they’re advertising is good or not is by inquiring and engaging the discussion. Ask directly and find out if the app is working or not, how easy it is to use it or anything else that pops in your mind. The important thing is to get a solid answer. If you do get a response, and someone (an admin) answers your question, you can safely say that their software works indeed.


How to Actually Use Spy App That Works

In a scenario that you’ve already acquired an app that works like a charm and allows you access to a private or otherwise locked Instagram account, you should know the basics of using it. Being that this software uses unique decrypting algorithms to process the information without exposing you or your private data, it’s natural to assume that you’ll have to connect your account to Intaspy’s database. This way, the software will have ‘ground zero’, or a place to use a user in order to allow you access to other’s profiles. This does not mean, however, that you’ll be exposed or that the software uses your data for any wrongdoing. While using these apps you’ll be completely anonymous, virtually invisible while roaming the internet and more importantly though Instagram.


Start by inputting your username and creating your own password. This will allow you to use this app whenever you want, without previous authentication. So, simply click on remember me, and you’ll be logged in every time you try to use this app. Next, is the name of your target on Instagram.

Simply enter their name, username or their email and proceed. Not every software of this sort will work in the exact way, but the principle is the same. You enter the username of an account to allow the software to view as from viewer’s perspective, enter a name or account that you want to spy on, and voila, you’re already there. Once you find your favorite Instagram viewing app, you’ll be able to rely on it and spy on anyone that has an account on Instagram. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is a good moment to start. Simply search for an app keeping in mind the tips we provided here, and start spying!

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