(Last Updated On: January 17, 2018)

See who is visiting your Instagram profile

Social network sites have become a normal part of everyday life and Instagram is one of the most popular sites so far. It has more than a billion registered users. Keeping track of who visited your profile can be difficult. You can visit someone’s profile to find a friend or a cousin, but people always tend to find out who visited their profile and when. So, how do you see the users that visited your profile?

Reasons to know who viewed your Instagram account

Many users have accused Instagram about their privacy issues. The fact that anyone can view your profile can be worrying. It’s not all about glamor and fame. If you don’t use your Instagram profile for some time, chances are it was viewed by a ton of unknown users. There are many reasons why people want to know who view their profile and these are just some of them:

Popularity status

Checking who viewed your Instagram profile will give you a good idea of your popularity status. For example, if you are a high school student, popularity means everything. You can see which students from your school visit your profile to determine how popular you are. If you don’t have many visitors, you are not that popular. If that’s the case, don’t worry because you are the only one that knows that.

Are you hot or not?

Having lots of followers and visitors on your Instagram profile usually, means that people find you interesting. Those who like you want to be your followers and many of them will continue visiting your profile on a regular basis.


They want to know the details about your whereabouts and interests. If this is the case, it means that your neighbors and friends like you and look up to you. Instagram is a great place to find out more information about someone. It feels good knowing that people like you.

Who is stalking you?

Apart from your friends and family, you can have other regular visitors to your Instagram profile. Sometimes, you can have an annoying person following you on all social media, trying to copy what you do and say. The chances are that they are constantly monitoring your Instagram profile. This is probably the most important reason why people want to know who is visiting their Instagram profile. You can take safety measures and block the stalker before things get too nasty.

How can you keep track?

Many people wondered about who was following their Instagram profile, so programmers around the world sat down and thought of a way to track visitors. This helps people figure out who is into them and it even helped many women to get rid of their stalkers.

Online tool that lets you know who’s viewing your profile

In today’s age of technology, developing such a tool was easy, but very important. Finding out who viewed your profile is not impossible anymore. Most users are not aware that they can keep track of who is viewing their Instagram profile with the use of a very simple tool.


You will know when someone stopped by to see what’s up right when it happens. This innovative tool stirs up the social media networks because it is no longer possible to stay hidden and stalk people online. We will give you a walkthrough of this online tool and explain how exactly does it work.

Tool development

The development of the Instagram tracking tool was just the question of time. It was created to enable people to find out who is viewing their Instagram profile and how frequent is it happening. To understand how it all went down, we have talked with some of the programmers responsible for the app.

They said that it took them some time to understand how the algorithms and codes on Instagram work and then they just added their tool to it. The tool gives users precise information about who is visiting their Instagram profiles without endangering their privacy or the Instagram user rights. Now, users know exactly who is viewing their profile and they can contact support to block annoying users.

Is this app legit?

Many Instagram users find this app very interesting, but most of them think that it’s some kind of a scam or malware. Well, we would think that too if we were them because trusting unknown apps on the internet can be dangerous.

Many fake apps and tools only want to get a hold of your personal information and abuse it in any way they see fit. That’s why it’s very important to know that our tool is 100% safe. You will definitely get the results you wanted. This tool is not a scam and the numerous client’s testimonials prove it.

How it works

This tool is pretty simple and it was developed for everyone to use. It can show you who viewed your profile and the time when it happened. Here is how it works:

  • Go to the online tool and get started.
  • Enter your Instagram username and click all visitor activity track box.
  • You will receive a list of all users who visited your profile.


This is as simple as it gets, but the app has a bunch of interesting features like:

  • You can find out who checked your profile, as well as which posts they viewed.
  • The tool gives you the exact time your profile was visited
  • You get a list of people that visited your profile that day
  • You will know which visitors are your friends and which ones are strangers

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