(Last Updated On: April 22, 2018)

Keeping your Instagram account safe is important. But at times you might get the feeling that no matter what you do you’ll still a potential target, right? In order to make those ideas out of your head, you’ll need to focus and keep working on the task of making you Instagram account extremely safe and protected against any data exploitation attempts. To do this, all you’ll have to do is read and research. That’s right, at the end of this brief informative guide, you’ll be able to use your Instagram account without ever worrying if someone can exploit your private data. Here are some of the suggestions that might help you with this process.

Setting Your Account on Private

The first step is to set your privacy, right? If you don’t want just about anyone to view and explore your posts on Instagram you should set your profile setting to private. This will provide a certain level of control over who you allow to view the content on your Instagram profile. Only your followers will be able to see what you post, and you’ll control who your followers are. Once someone sends a following request, you’ll have an option of deciding whether to allow that following or not. To do this, simply log in to your existing Instagram account, go to setting and navigate your way from there towards changing your profile status from public to private.


Web Browsing Tools

As you probably know already, every browser has a different cookie collecting policy. While some will collect most of the data that you sent via that browser to their servers, some will keep you anonymous to some extent. Whether you’re using Google Chrome or Mozilla makes a lot of difference when it comes to internet security. But what about using Instagram with these browsers? You’ll virtually allow them to access and see everything that on you feed or everything that you’re exploring on Instagram. Every account, post or comment will be recorded to some extent and there is nothing you can do about it, right?


Actually, there is a way to go around this data collecting system and secure your Instagram account even further. If you haven’t heard about Instagram web viewer tool, now it’s time to learn everything there is about it. It’s the safest way to explore your Instagram feed without letting anyone collect your private data. Everything that you type in or click via this tools will stay completely out of Google’s data collecting reach. All you have to do is follow the link, head to our page and start using our software. It’s as easy as that. This software is basically acts as a mini browser in browsers and it allows you to explore Instagram freely without leaving crumbs of information over the World Wide Web.

How Does It Work?

To use this particular web viewer tool, start by logging in to Instagram as you usually would with a regular browser. From there on, confirm your account and follow the steps as instructed on the page. After the account verification process, you’ll be able to use our web viewer as any other browser. The only difference is that you won’t allow any cookies to stick to data collecting software of the browser you’re using. This tool protects your privacy and allows you to use Instagram as it was intended. It works by decrypting the data that you input at a staggering rate, and at the same time denying access to other data collecting software. Something like using a browser in incognito mode, except that you’re fully secured this way.


Location Settings

Another thing that you’ll want to do in order to ensure your account’s safety is to turn off the location services in your Instagram account settings.  The best way to ensure your safety is to restrict the information they’re getting via browser and apps. Instagram has a great feature that lets’ you tag your location and activity when posting content. Although this is a great feature, it can be used to find your location at any time. And you wouldn’t want that, right? To ensure that you’ve done everything you can to keep your account safe, it’s best to set your profile on another browser before you choose a specific web viewing tool and start using it. This way you’ll already have a semi-secured account and nothing to worry about when it comes to internet security.

Photo Tags

There are multiple settings that you should focus on when editing your Instagram profile. One of which is manual tag option, that allows you to decide whether someone tags you on a photo. For example, if your friend gets a weird idea and attempts to tag you in a photo that you don’t find amusing, you’ll be able to choose between allowing that tag or not. This puts you in complete control over you posted content on Instagram. Furthermore, you’ll find out which friends are trying to prank you hard, and possibly, what’s the motive behind their futile attempt.


Block Shady Followers

There are many benefits of setting your profile to private. One of which is that you’ll be able to filter your followers and allow only legitimate users to follow you and access your posted content. This way you’ll be able to approve someone’s following or decline it. Anyone that sends you a following request should be considered as a potential follower. Only once you check their Instagram history and their post, should you approve them as your faithful followers. But what’s the course of action when someone who’s already on your follower list starts acting shady? You can simply block them from entering your account. They won’t be able to see what you’re posting anymore, and the best thing about it is that your can unblock them if anything changes. You can easily determine who’s exploiting your private data this way. By placing a block on someone, you can evaluate whether their exploit of your posts was resulting in your popularity decrease or not.

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