(Last Updated On: April 3, 2017)

If you didn’t notice it by now, 2016 was a year of great changes on Instagram. The biggest change that got noticed by most Instagram users is the adding of Instagram Stories which work much like Snapchat. Many other features slipped by unnoticed, even though many of them are amazing. Instagram added interactive ads, zoomable images, and a bunch of other features we’ll go through in the text below.

You can save drafts on Instagram

In September of 2016, Instagram added the option for drafting photos before posting them. Testing was done on the “Save Draft” feature earlier during the year. Before, when you tapped the back button, you would delete your image, but now you get an automatic prompt that asks you if you want to save the photo or get rid of it.

The save draft option appears only if you added filters, a location, or a caption, to your photo. If you didn’t make any changes, you wouldn’t be able to draft it.

You can filter and disable comments now

Another new feature was added to Instagram in September, and it allows you to moderate your comment section with the use of a keyword moderation tool. You can easily disable the comments you don’t like.


The new comment moderation feature on Instagram allows you to block unwanted comments featuring phrases, words, or emojis you don’t like. Tap the gear icon on your profile, and you will find the “Comments” tool where you can list the words you don’t want in your comments. These words will stop appearing on the posts you manage.

Comment moderation great for running a business or an Instagram campaign because you can get rid of offensive language and other unwanted comments. This will allow you to address only those who need your advice or help.

Instagram Stories updates

The Instagram Stories are the feature that has seen the most changes this year. You are now able to save your stories, change the color of your text, and mute other stories. We’ll get into the details in a second.

You can mute Instagram stories you don’t like

Perhaps, the biggest change to Instagram Stories is the possibility to mute other user’s stories from appearing on your profile. Many people were asking for this feature, and now it’s finally here. Just tap and hold your finger over someone’s Instagram Stories avatar, and the story will move to the end of the line. This stops it from auto playing, but you can take it back the same way.


Your Instagram Stories are saved automatically

You can finally keep your own Instagram Stories without even knowing it. Just activate the save story feature by tapping the gear icon once you open the camera in the Story mode. Check the “Saved Shared Photos” button, and all your posts will be saved automatically. You can now save complete stories with by tapping the three dots located in the lower right corner of your smartphone’s screen.

You can change the color of your text in Instagram Stories

Just like Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories let you chose the color of your text in your story. This allows you to add a personal touch to the story. You will have to draw the letters with the neon marker tool if you want them to glow.

Interactive Instagram Ads

The ads on Instagram make much more sense now. The new ad update comes after the success of the call to action button, and the new ad program makes it much easier for the user to engage with businesses through Instagram. With the update, the call to action button will highlight itself if you view an ad for more than four seconds, or if you tap the profile name. Also, video links will take you to their site’s landing page if you chose to unmute them.


If you own a business, these new ads could make a big difference in your success. They are interactive and more engaging which results in more exposure, and ultimately – more success.

You can zoom in on photos

Before August of 2016, zooming in on Instagram photos was impossible. This feature is a standard feature on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and many others. Instagram have finally added the “pinch to zoom” option on photos and videos, and Instagram Stories.

Instagram Video is updated with the new “Events” channel

Instagram added a new video channel which can be found within the Explore tab, and it’s called “Events.”

You can now manage your personalized video channel on Instagram. You can add your favorite videos from concerts, public events, and other special moments you wish to share with your followers. It’s something like a better-personalized version of Snapchat’s Live Stories. You can now log into Instagram and experience magical moments all over the world live.


The new Events feature gives us a hint of what’s going to happen with Instagram. It seems like they are incorporating video format to their features more than before.

The map feature on profiles has been removed

There was no announcement about the removal of the “Add to Photo Map” feature that doesn’t exist anymore. Before, you could visit someone’s profile and find out where each posted photo was taken with the Photo Map feature.


As you can see, 2016 was a year of significant changes on Instagram. Since it was founded, Instagram has been adding and removing features aiming to improve the user experience. We are pleased with the newest changes, and we hope to see more of them in the future!

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