(Last Updated On: April 3, 2017)

There is no doubt that Instagram founders are determined to keep improving this social network. Their obsession for improvement has made this social network even greater and more popular over the past few years. And we can expect to continue seeing new features, updates, and upgrades that will make this network so much better. The goal is of course to make Instagram appealing and to attract different profiles and types of people. A recent update on the upcoming features reveals a new option that allows support for those in need. And this is what’s great about this network they think about their users and their needs.

Helping Hand

We all need a pick me up in a certain period of our lives. We’ll all of us except those “I can do it alone” slightly socially handicapped types of people. But the fact is that every once in a while we all need a friend, a real friend to assure us that not everything is as it seems. Being that there are many forms of mental illnesses and various symptoms by which they are manifested, sometimes it is really hard to tell if a person is just going through a tough period in life or if it’s something more than that. This is why they invented support feature that lets you help those in need or at least reach out to them.


Instagram gained popularity in record time, with over 500 million of monthly users as counted in June 2016. So without doing any research, it’s safe to say that a percentage of this number are people with minor or major mental disorders. Starting from depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and substance disorder they all have something in common- tendency to give birth to self-harm behavior. And this is exactly the problem that Instagram founders are trying to address with this new feature.

Anonymity is the key

Whenever you see a post that makes you concern about that user’s mental health, you can report that person just as same as if it the content was abusive or ill-intended towards someone. The only difference is that instead, this feature offers help to them instead of punishing or giving them restrictions in using this Instagram. Once you notice a post or a series of posts that convinced you that a person is prone to self-harm actions, you can report it anonymously. As soon as the report is sent, Instagram reaches out to that person offering direct or indirect help.


Sometimes it is only about showing that we care, while in other situations a more direct approach is preferred. The best thing about it is that you remain anonymous even after the help reaches that person. This gives you more freedom to act and do something about it.

Three options help system

With the mental health feature, users receive three options to choose from once they get the report. It comes with a message stating that someone who cares about you noticed that you are going through a rough time and want to help. The feature offers three options including talk to a friend, contact a helpline service or get tips and support option. Now the fact that there are three basic options makes it unique as the person can choose what they want without someone else forcing them.

Talk to a friend

This option allows them to contact someone they know, who is familiar with the procedure as the feature introduces that friend with the process by sending a different report. Two parties can enter a conversation willingly, where one member of the party offers help, and another receives it through something like a pep talk. Encouraging and making them feel better is the least we can do to our friends in need. And not matter how significant or insignificant the problem seems it is always important to listen first and give advice after you’ve heard everything that person has to say.


Contact a helpline

This option provides a direct line with the help center. Professionals that know what to say and how to provide comfort to stressed or otherwise mentally-shaken persons work there. So whether you are recommending this feature or about to use is be assured that this is the best course of action if you don’t want to involve your friends in this situation. From there on you will be given further instructions on how to participate in group or private sessions where you will learn all about resolving your problems. Keep in mind that this feature is absolutely free.

Get tips and support

Choosing this option you will get access to quality articles that are otherwise hard to find, which will show you different strategies and ways of mentally healing yourself. There isn’t a better way if you are determined to do this on your own without the direct help from anyone else around you. Many people with this kind of problems usually don’t want to involve their close friends, relatives, and family into it. Luckily for them, there is always a way to overcome most forms mental disorders on your, provided that the person is willing and determined to do better.


With recent updates on features that this social network provides, it seems that we can’t avoid noticing that Instagram is becoming so much more than a social network. Other than the fact that it connects people, offers advertising and business improving and expanding opportunities, it helps people get to know each other but also ourselves as well. With this rate of adding new features to it, we cannot know what to expect from next year regarding using Instagram. What we do know is that it will keep improving and providing better and better services.

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