(Last Updated On: April 24, 2017)

Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform that is used by teens from all around the world each day. They like to share their personal moments and creative content with both their friends and complete strangers too. This brings a lot of concern to worried parents. After all, no one can have a total peace of mind in knowing that their children interact with people who they do not know at all.

Most of the safety rules that apply for other social networks work well for Instagram too.We have a guide that will help you understand and learn how to keep your child safe and secure. Instagram also provides their own list of useful information and advice that offer insight regarding safety and privacy.

So, let’s go into more details that will ensure that parents understand how Instagram privacy protection works. This guide will also provide information on how they can keep their kids safe on this popular media sharing network.

Educate your kids to manage their profile followers

This is the first step that relieves most of safety and privacy concerns when using Instagram. It is a top priority to make a profile page access limited to strangers. This includes complete control towards who gets access to viewing your child’s profile page. The best thing to do is to set the profile to being private.

This is a necessary step as all new profiles are created to be public which means anyone with a registered Instagram account can view them. Even people who are not registered users will have the ability to view your kid’s image and video gallery.

So, if you don’t want complete strangers to browse through your family photos – make sure to convince your child to switch their profile to private in the settings menu.


Note that there are ways and means to overcome this and even view any private Instagram profile easily. However, private profiles are still inaccessible to people that aren’t previously approved by the page owner – your teen in this case. We imagine that you’ve already told your kids not to talk to strangers. This relates to Instagram use too.

Let them know that accepting follower requests from people unknown to them is not okay. There are so many fake profiles being used by scammers and people with malintent and you do not want them to have any kind of interaction with your kids.

Instagram profiles with no history activity are especially suspicious and should be removed or blocked from the follower lists.In case an unknown profile keeps resending follower requests after multiple rejections – make sure to block them. This will prevent any kind of further unwanted interaction.

Let them know what kind of information can be shared

Even when you know that your teens are sharing content only with their friends and acquaintances make sure they know what sort of info is safe for display. All users who share any sort of personal information on any type of network should be aware of the consequences of their action.

This means that any posted data becomes public. This can lead to both safety and privacy concerns in most cases. Make sure that they do not post their phone numbers and your residential address on their Instagram profile page. This can be considered as a serious safety risk.


This is both a privacy nightmare too. Can you imagine the possible scenario if strangers have access to your kid’s phone number? Things get even worse in case they share your residential address too. Make sure to talk to your child and explain the consequences of sharing any kind of private information online.

Advise them not to use Geotags for their shared images and videos. Doing so will prevent their followers from knowing your child’s movement history. The first thing that comes to mind is that thieves can use the location history to know when you’re out on a vacation.

It is for the best to advise your children to post the holiday photos only when you come back home from your holiday trip. Geotags are shown on the Instagram map to create a visual guide to where the picture was taken. This means that followers and in the case of a public profile even non-Instagram users have full access to viewing the location history.

It is a scary thought that stalkers can have access to all of your teen’s movement information. That’s why it is essential to educate your child to stop geotagging the photos that they share and publish online. This will ensure safety and keep their privacy intact from any kind of an unwanted attention.

Ensure that their online presence is appropriate

It is easy to overlook the fact that your teen has unwanted attention from strangers which is entirely the consequence of inappropriate self-representation. Behaviour etiquette is important and applies to both real life and online activity. Make sure that your child doesn’t exhibit inappropriate behaviour when using Instagram and other online networks for that matter.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion and yet that doesn’t mean that they are allowed to leave negative comments. This includes offensive remarks on other people’s profile pages and content too.

Posting inappropriate images and videos can also have dire consequences. Ensure that they behave according to their age and educate them on what is appropriate and socially acceptable and what is not. Remember that you never know who is among your child’s online followers.


Our guide presents a good insight to parents that might not know anything about the largest image and video sharing network. Instagram is mostly used by teens and perhaps some of their concerned parents want to ensure their online privacy and safety.

Education is a great way that will empower both you and your child. Online privacy should be a top priority for anyone who is using any type of an online service. By protecting yourself and your loved ones you will prevent unwanted attention from complete strangers and individuals with ill intentions.

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