(Last Updated On: August 2, 2017)

By now every single person that has access to Internet knows about Instagram and virtually any other social network. Knowing this, it’s safe to assume that within this vast numbers of users there are all types of people. Certain social networks attract specific types of users to it. Mainly due to their features and what they can offer to their users.

But what about services that provide similar features and opportunities to upgrade your social status, meet someone, or just promote your own image? These social networks fight their competition by adding better features than the other one.

But recognizing a better feature or option can be difficult at times, especially when these social networks spend millions of dollars on advertisement of their services and features. If you ever wondered if it’s better to use Snapchat than Instagram here’s a couple of reasons to convince you otherwise.

Statistics and numbers

No matter how much money a social network or any other service, software or brand, spends on the advertisement of their services, there is one thing that guarantees quality above all. Off course we’re talking about the number of users. Since Instagram was launched, it showed potential in attracting users to its platform.

Being that Instagram focuses on posting photo related material, with that feature alone it amassed huge numbers of users. Even after Facebook bought it, it continued to amaze and show amazing potential for attracting users. So how do numbers show that Instagram is better than Snapchat?


A simple fact that Instagram has over 400 million daily active users and that Snapchat has less than 150 million users shows merely which social platform is more popular. But what about actual qualities and features that both provide to its users?

Surely there must be a reason why users prefer one platform more than the other to that extent that the difference in numbers of daily users is this great. There are, without a doubt, features on both sides that are promising to say the least. Both platforms work on a similar principle – you share photos and stories while adding filters and other accessories.

The evident truth

Usability is another quality that every social platform or software for that matter must poses. No matter how good it looks, you won’t be able to enjoy using that software, program or a social platform until you’re comfortable with using it. To do this, you must know how it works, be familiar with every feature that has and generally,know the ins and outs of it.

This is the only way that every user can be comfortable while using it. So how is Instagram easier to use than Snapchat?
Due to its popularity, and the era of modern technology that we’re living in, many features are advertised via media, other social networks and on every social network-related website or web address in general that you enter. Knowing this, it becomes evident how Instagram’s features are not only easier to use, but also more available.

Professional photography and editing

If you take pride in your editing skills, ability to enhance a photo to that extent that the person or object in it is represented in a new light that’s appealing to anyone, then you should stop using Snapchat and create an account on Instagram.

Not only that Instagram has a wider range of filters, accessories to add and applications that can enhance your photos beyond comprehension, but you can also learn a lot about photography. From this aspect, Snapchat appears to be an underdeveloped, low-priced app in comparison to Instagram.


Many professional photographers prefer to advertise their work on Instagram than on Snapchat. And naturally, they must have a good reason to do so. So what is it? Professional photographers know how their models and objects behave under certain filters, lights, and angles.

This is why they take special precaution when capturing every photo. Furthermore, they invest a lot of time and energy in editing each photo before they post it. This is why they prefer to use Instagram over Snapchat when promoting their work. They have accounts on other social platforms, but there is only one that they use professionally.

Privacy and security

Using each social platform has its features, some of which may appear more appealing than the one that other has to offer. And we all have our favorites;there are no two ways about it. But what happens when you want to keep your private life from your job, family or close relatives?

Surely you don’t want them to know what you’re up to every weekend or how you spend your free time. This is where using Instagram features shows. It’s no secret that Instagram and Facebook developers gave thoroughly though about privacy and how to make their users fell safe and secure while using their service.


You can’t view private Instagram profiles instantly, but you can ask permission from private profile user to see their posts, photos, and info. By using Snapchat spy apps everything is transparent no matter how much your try to hide your identity, content or posts.

People will always find a way to go around rules, but with Instagram’s privacy policy it’s virtually impossible to do so. This means that your private life, photos, and content on your profile are more secure on Instagram than on any other social network.

Tracking and GPS location

Another argument that might be a deciding factor in the debate of which social network is better is GPS location and tracking. Every page that you visit, any address that you type in your browser and enter collects cookies. And that’s a good thing as it uses filters based on your search history to optimize your results.

But what about tracking feature that every social network has. Instagram’s policy is extremely clear and strict on this topic. Unless a user’s want’s to share their location, they won’t be tracked by a third-party software that’s incorporated with the service they’re using. On Snapchat, things are different.

Not only that you don’t choose whether you have full control over transmitting your location, but there isn’t a single option that eliminates every tracking program that runs in the background.

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