(Last Updated On: April 3, 2017)

The popularity of Instagram seems to be increasing at an incredible rate. With over 500 million users out of which more than 100 million are active daily, there appears to be no stopping of the Instagram’s growth. Most of the total of that daily user activity is performed using mobile devices.

People who are using the official mobile app for Android can enjoy decent functionality on their smaller screen devices. The app has a strong 4-and-a-half-star rating from more than 45 million users. This is a good sign that people are mostly satisfied with what they can do within the mobile app.


The official Instagram app allows the users to browse other people or companies’ pages and of course like, share and follow them. It also lets you make videos and photos from within the app and as of recent, there is even a live video functionality. The best thing about the official app is that it is simple to use and it gets the job done perfectly.

So how about other similar apps for social networks. Let’s find out how they fare with their users and are they better alternatives than your favourite social network in 2017.

The biggest social network of them all is Facebook, which by the way owns Instagram for those of you who didn’t know that. Facebook is the role model most of the less successful social networks looked up to it when it came to connecting people and enabling media content sharing.

You might wonder how such a successful network with more than 2 billion users can ruin the user experience with a subpar Android mobile app. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the Android version of the Facebook app.

Reportedly, dissatisfied with the performance of the Android version of the app, which was not as good as the iOS version, the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave all of the developers Android phones and made them use the Facebook Android app for a whole month so that they can get it right and on par with its iOS version.

Something funny occurred after that. Android app gained full functionality and became bug-free while the iOS app remained more or less the same and eventually got a lower rating.


Within the app users can communicate with each other, exchange likes, comment and do all the rest of the usual social network activity Facebook first introduced to the world. The interface is clean and the app works well on most of the compatible devices.

The main disadvantage is the fact that it takes too much of the device’s memory so users may experience fast battery drainage when the app is open in the background. Overall the app does a good job of letting people connect with their friends and pages so the experience is decent and there are no more issues that plagued the app just a few years ago.

We have to commend the developers of the official Facebook app since it isn’t an easy feat to make a platform that will satisfy the needs of almost 2 billion users out of which more than a billion use the mobile app each and every day. Judging by the sheer scope of global use this an incredible feat they’ve achieved so thumbs up to them.

Musical.ly is another major social media platform that rose to success quickly. This social network gives complete creative freedom to its users who log in every day to post their very own music, videos or just to simply check out new content from other Musical.ly users. The great thing about it is that they focused their functionality purely on the app experience.

Both Android and iOS apps work the same way and enable users to make short yet effective creative videos. Most of the users are teens who found this an indispensable platform to show off their talent and to connect with the like-minded people. Quite similar to Instagram for photos, Musical.ly connects people who enjoy music and also enjoy sharing their own music with others.

Many of them achieved global fame with simple 15-second long music videos they made from within the app. The app also enables people to browse content from the main feed and enjoy the videos their favourite “Musers” create. This is currently the best app for anyone looking to show off their talent and connect with people who share their passion for music too.


No list about media content sharing would be complete without YouTube. Yes, we consider YouTube to be a social media network too since it also enables user interaction and content sharing. What it does best is to enable people to post their videos and music and share them with the rest of the world.

The content being shared also includes creative video logs and there are even whole movies which are published from independent studios using YouTube. Users interact with each other and leave their opinions and can even connect with them using their channels where they upload their original content.

There is also the recently introduced YouTube Gaming platform which is a true social network for game streamers and gamers from all around the world.The YouTube app offers all of the same functionality and exactly the same experience of online access found when using web browsers.

Anyone can use it to view videos and even listen to music and even stream live videos or simply upload the already recorded ones. There is the full suite of features included and it’s pretty straight forward and easy to use.

This guide of social media networks will offer plenty insight for anyone looking to find out which one could be the right one for them. Besides being time wasters these networks can be really useful and offer so many possibilities to individuals who are looking to profit from using them. Tell us which one is your favourite social media app in the comments and what makes it the best choice for you.

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