(Last Updated On: September 6, 2017)

The biggest question that everyone has to ask when it comes to any social media platform is how to get more followers. Of course, there is a solution that will work, but not many people know about it. That’s why not everyone will succeed with these social media platforms. However, those who know the secret to success will usually never tell how they made it to the top. Luckily for you, we are here now to reveal that secret to you. All you need to do is read carefully through this article and follow our instructions, and in no time you will see a significant improvement in the follower numbers.

The social media platform that we will be talking about is, of course, Instagram. This social media platform is specially designed to allow its users to post only pictures and short videos to the public. It is unique and that’s why this is one of the most popular platforms out there.

Being unique is a huge advantage when it comes to social media platforms. If you are unique, and you have something that is pleasing to other people, then you don’t need any more advice because you are all set to success. However, if you still need that little push right at the start that will make your Instagram profile successful, then continue reading this article, and if you follow our instructions, then you will succeed.

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Stealing Followers

It would be a great sign if you came this far because that means that you are dedicated, and you want to succeed on Instagram. The secret that not many people know about Instagram or any other social media platform is that you may steal the followers from someone else. Now you are most likely wondering how that is possible and is it legal to do. First of all, you have to understand that it doesn’t mean that you will literally steal someone else’s following base with some second party program. It means that you will do certain changes to your account that will make those followers go to your profile and start following you because you offer a much better service than anyone else.

Of course, to achieve this, you have to understand few things first because it is not easy to do this. If it were easy, then everyone would do it, and most likely it wouldn’t be a thing anymore. However, luckily for you, this method of getting followers is not that popular therefore it is still working very well. Here are few key things that will help you steal the followers from your competitors.

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Identify Your Competitors

The first step that you need to do is to identify and find out who are the competitors that are a threat to your company or business. Of course, you will most likely already have few accounts on your list that you know about because they are more successful than your account on Instagram. However, the key here is to find as many competitors as you can, even if they have fewer followers than you do. That is a must if you want to be at the top. Sometimes it is much easier to win over or steal the followers of a competitor that has fewer followers than you because you will be able to offer far better service than they do.

Therefore, start searching for competitors that you think will be a good source of followers. Of course, you don’t have to target accounts that have very low number of followers because that will not be worth it, you have to find a middle ground that works best for you. To do that, you will have to be experienced a little, but eventually, after just a few days or even hours, you will realize who the real competitors are. We suggest that you first check out and see Instagram profile you think is a competitor because you will need to find out what is their method for gaining followers.

Using the Same Method

By using the same method as the competitor, you will be able to have the same success as they have. However, that is not our goal, the real goal of this search was to find out their method and implement it in your account, but also while implementing it, you need to add something to it that will make it even more desirable for users to follow you. You need to set up your account to be more pleasing to the audience that you are targeting than your competitors. That will be the key thing which will eventually give you the success you have been searching for.

We said that you need to be unique to succeed, but sometimes, when you don’t have a unique plan, then you have to steal ideas from competitors and make them better. It’s simple but, later on, if your method is more pleasing, everyone will forget about the competitor that you stole that idea from someone else. Of course, as mentioned above you must add to that method and design something that will make it even more pleasing, and by adding something, you are creating a unique method.

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Follow, Like and Comment

To actually steal the followers from your competitors, you need to target those followers directly, and the easiest way to achieve that is to use the things that are available for you. Those things are following, like button as well as the comment section of photos. You need to target the pictures of your competitors and read through some of the comments and start engaging with people. That way the followers from your competitor will go and check out your profile to see what you are about. That’s why it is important that you follow the previous steps above because that will prepare your profile for these potential followers. Try to stay very active and engaged with the followers that you are targeting, if you do, you will see the success in no time.

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