(Last Updated On: April 3, 2017)

With so many users that Instagram as a social network has accumulated over the years, it’s obvious that the chance of meeting new people and possibly starting a new romance is increased. But what about when you are already in a relationship, can using Instagram have a negative effect on it? It all depends on a person that’s using it, how liable they are and how strong is the relationship they are in. But regarding the effect itself, we can’t help but notice that it is possible to mess up your love life. But how can this be true, surely there are actions that you can take to avoid this?

Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it

We are all free to spend our time however we see fit. But when it comes to being in a relationship you need to manage your schedule so that you always have time to spend with your loved one. This means that you need to limit the number of friends that you are seeing but also activities that you attend to. And being that Instagram is a social network that acts as a pin board for people that like to share their experience and memories in the form of a picture or video, you might want to stay away from it if you are a jealous type.


But how can seemingly harmless scrolling of your Instagram posts have a negative effect on your relationship? Seeing a post with your love companion in it after he or she said that they are doing something important over the weekend and can’t see you, will shake your relationship a bit. It can be a group photo at a party that they said they weren’t going to or a glance at a stranger that implicates certain emotion or sharing experience between them. Once you see these things there isn’t going back, and all it will do is bring topics to have an argument with your partner.

A Virtual Pl

With this upcoming wave of new apps being released that are associated with the use of Instagram, we can’t help but notice the number variety of them. Amongst all those photo enhancing, hashtag-generating app there is one that can potentially do some damage to your relationship. And if you are in that kind of relationship where your respect and trust each other you have nothing to fear. But if you are in a fresh relationship, and you are trying to build that respect having a private profile on Instagram with a compromising material in it might be a problem.


Having a jealous partner will make you understand that they will go with any mean possible to find something to blame you for dishonesty and possibly cheating. You never know what they might find in those private pictures that you share with your friends. They will try to read any facial expression and associate emotion with it to blame you for being unfaithful. It might be a picture of you on a party, the same party that you said you weren’t going to. Right there in the middle of a crowd, your face will prove that you were indeed present, even though you said you have work to do and that you’ll stay home on that day.

Looking for Proof

Sometimes it’s even not about security of your private content on Instagram or what your facial expression suggests on that photo where you are looking in waitress’s direction. If going through your photos on Instagram in search for any indecent look you might’ve given doesn’t get her any reason to doubt your loyalty she may turn for proof in the comment sections. Sometimes other people’s actions can compromise your relationship status.


Leaving comments on Instagram photos will do that. A comment on your photo from that “friend of yours” might get your into an argument with you girlfriend. So how can you avoid this? Unfortunately, there isn’t a way except talking to those people that might do harm to your relationship with their actions. If you don’t have anything to hide you are completely safe. On the other hand, if you are prone to “having something on the side” you might want to consider talking to that person.

Fake profiles

Did you ever suspect that a certain profile is fake? But why would someone do this? Surely there must be a reason for going through so much trouble of creating an account, then adding photos and creating a background story. Creating a whole new identity on Instagram must have its purpose. Well if you do have a jealous or insecure partner it might be them that’s liking every photo that you post, and throwing tempting or complimenting comments at you. Being that this might be just another way to check if you are unfaithful, how do you proceed? Well, the best thing to do if you notice a suspicious account that’s been stalking you for the past week or so is to ignore it. Just forget about replying to those comments and generally ignore their every attempt to get your attention.


It might be nothing but it also might be exactly what you’re thinking, and you won’t know for sure until you check. If you are skilled in reading reactions of people’s faces, you can ask your girlfriend directly. If not, well there is another method that will show the obvious if that is the case. Simply mention the topic next time you’re spending time with her and see the reaction. If you notice even the slightest indications of agitation or fear, you’re on to something. From there on you can expose yourself and demand for truth or you can keep playing this game of cat and mouse where you never know who you’ll turn to be at the end of the day.

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