(Last Updated On: April 3, 2017)

When it comes to using the internet nowadays for socializing like seen on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network, or to explore it and find new and interesting things, you need to make sure that you’re using it safely.

Sometimes not only people but programs may misinterpret your behavior as threating to their privacy. Once this happens, you will get a restriction to that source of information, whether we’re talking about a profile on Instagram that you’re particularly fond of or a website with useful information on it.


This can be a serious problem for at least 30 percent of Instagram users, being that all of them are if not full-time stalkers definitely part time, or stalking enthusiasts as least.

So how do you keep doing what you’re doing without getting a restriction? If you want to keep using Instagram for whatever reason you’re using it without getting banned or blocked by certain users or the software itself, read through this list of ways to stay undetected.

Complete filling your profile

The first that will mark you as a suspicious user on Instagram is having a half-filled profile. And this is only natural, as anyone who’s trying to hide personal information may seem like a shady person to a security system or organization.

This being said, the first thing you should do to prevent ban or restriction to certain profiles is to fill up your profile. It will only take 5 minutes tops of your precious time.

So make sure that you either fake that personal info, or give them a real one and show them that you’re legit and don’t have anything to hide.

Post daily

Instagram tracks user’s activity as well. This is one of Instagram’s defense mechanisms. But why would Instagram invade your privacy and go against one of the things they stand for?


The thing is that a frequently posting user on Instagram is most likely a legitimate profile, a profile that doesn’t use any hacking tool or an illegal software.

So to be recognized as a legit Instagrammer post regularly at least on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be top quality post, as long as you have something to show.

Clean slate

Reinstalling the app might just do the trick if you think you’re about to get banned or blocked by a certain account. Starting fresh is just another way to avoid ban if you feel that you’re close to it.

Whatever page you visit online, whichever profile you look at on Instagram, it all leaves breadcrumbs of data for them to follow. While deleting cookies sounds like a logical solution for that problem, it will only prolong the inevitable.

Nobody wants to get caught, so every once in a while it’s a good idea to completely delete the Instagram app from your system, get a fresh install and continue with your everyday online business. This is as close as it gets to deleting a criminal record, as seen in movies and books of crime genre.

Restrict data sharing

You might be giving away too much information without even knowing it. Using a program that you don’t know much about will get you there. So how can you prevent this and undo the damage?

First thing’s first, you need to focus on repairing the damage and disable programs that give away your location and IP address. Giving away location doesn’t mean that you’ll have someone ringing your doorbell every time you do something you’re not supposed to do online.


But it does mean that you are making it easier for the Instagram defense system to associate your IP, as well as other data that you gave up browsing, with your location giving them a positive match. So go through firewall setting and turn off GPS location option.

Don’t forget any other recently installed program as well. Now that there is no eminent danger, you need to pay attention to restrictions on any program that you install in the future. Find out all you can about a program before you let it into your system.

Several personalities

Creating another profile to do your business on Instagram is another great way to keep away the heat from your previous profile. Once you get a warning that you’re going against Instagram’s privacy policy, or that you’re reported by another user, you’ll be under constant surveillance.

And laying low to avoid the heat might sound easy, but everyone knows that it’s harder than it sounds. So to avoid getting banned, you can create an alternate profile and go about your business. Once enough time has passed, and things have settled down you can go back to using your previous profile.


The only thing is that you need to input different information when you’re creating your alternate profile. As long as you don’t give up any information that can associate that account with the previous one you’re safe.

So don’t rush when creating another profile, make sure that it’s genuine and in no way similar to the previous one. Once you do that you’ll be able to use it for as long as you want, or until you get “noticed” again.

Closing the backdoor

This last method only works if you know programming enough so that you can manipulate the system to get what you want or simply secure your own data. Basically when you get a restriction or a ban the system only changes a couple of codes, their location and function.

So to protect you system all you need to do is restrict the access to your data. If they are doing it to your profile once they feel “obligated” to do so, why shouldn’t you create a couple of changes and ensure that you can go about your daily business while being protected and safe.

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