(Last Updated On: April 21, 2017)

No matter how you look at Instagram, or what you use it for, you can’t deny the fact that it can be a great tool for advertisement. Let’s face it, since the moment it became popular various major corporations, brands, as well as small enterprises, started using it to promote their products and services.


So where do you fit in this picture? You’ve been probably using Instagram for quite some time now, and all you’ve gotten from it is a couple of comments, few likes, and even fewer followers. It’s time to learn how to use the full potential of this social platform and improve your social life or your business strategy.

Posting consistency

If you want to attract people to your account, you need to take Instagram seriously. You need consistency in posting. This means that you can’t skip posting for few days end expect results from such actions. By committing fully to sharing quality content, you provide something that your followers can rely on.

This will not only keep people on your follower’s list, but it will also attract more Instagrammers to your account. So make sharing content a daily routine and watch as the numbers of followers grow!

Hashtag it right

Using the right hashtags allows you to easily improve your reach without breaking a sweat. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, right? The goal is to associate your post with relevant hashtags and attract the audience that shares your interests and vice versa. So spend some time on studying popular hashtags, and learn when to use which ones.


This will definitely increase your reach and attract tons of followers to your Instagram profile. You don’t have to bother with installing an insta spy app that will show which private profiles share same interests as you do. Using the right hashtags is a great way to send an open invitation, without any strings attached.

User generated content sharing

Find out what are the most popular topics and adapt your brand or topic with it. You don’t have to transform and change your approach completely. Simply try to be more flexible when posting and show that you are open minded when it comes to mixing your brand with other quality ideas and products.

Do a bit of research on relevant but quality topics, like professional photography, healthy diet or exercising tips, and use them to boost your own content.

Tag a friend and encourage your followers to do the same

Tagging someone in your post is a mutually beneficial strategy for you and that friend of yours. The only thing that you should keep in mind is whether that person is comfortable with being mentioned in your post. Also make sure that you tag someone that posts similar content to your own, or at least that their content fits in the context of your posts.


This will show that you are also prepared to promote other’s work instead of promoting only your own. Playing the card of a Good Samaritan will do wonders for your publicity on Instagram. Not convinced?

Just look at those random people that became famous online by giving away their clothes to homeless people. It’s a good thing that someone was taking a photo of that selfless, generous act. Otherwise, it wouldn’t go viral.

Using the right filters is essential

Becoming popular on Instagram requires that you possess at least some basic knowledge of professional photography. It’s a pre-requirement that goes without mentioning. So what’s one of the most important elements of creating a perfect photo?

Filters. Next to lighting, angle, and effects, you should choose the right filter for each photo that you snap and post on Instagram. Take a look at posts of famous artists and photographers on Instagram. You’ll notice that there is a lot of hard work and editing behind each photo that they have on their profile.

Photo contests

You’d be amazed by how much publicity you can gain by organizing a photo contest on Instagram. This way you attract people, encourage them to interact with a topic of your own choosing and expand your reach beyond your targeted audience. This is why it’s advised to hold a photo contest every once in a while if you’re aiming for the big league.


You can use your own brand or something similar to the content that you’re posting, and ask your followers to snap and post a photo using that brand. Naturally, a winner should get a reward, but no one said it should cost a fortune. Take something that you aren’t using anymore, like perfectly intact headphones, tickets to a concert that you’ll never go to, or anything similar.

Don’t hesitate to use emojis

Using an emoji in your posts is a great way to spice your content and attract even more followers. Depending on what you’re trying to promote you can choose from a variety of available emojis on Instagram and improve the quality of your posts.

Think about your targeted audience and what they want to see when scrolling their news feed. Think of something catchy and decorate it with a perfect emoji. It will surely attract their attention, and before you know it, your follower count will start increasing exponentially.

Cross promoting

Similar to mentioning someone’s content that is relevant to your own, try asking for a ‘shout out’ from your friends in return for the same. This will show your followers and everyone else that can see your content that you have actual friends on Instagram and that you’re socially intelligent.


If you manage to get someone’s attention this way it will definitely boost your publicity. Having someone to mention your posts shows that you have quality in your content that is worth mentioning and advertising in a natural way. So ask your friends for cross-promotion and expect huge results from it.

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