(Last Updated On: April 3, 2017)

Everything you need to know about posting better photos and using Instagram can be said in four simple words- improve your research methods. Nowadays, you can find everything about any topic online. The Internet is full of useful information, and this can be your primary source of acquiring knowledge. You can find books online that can teach you things that people learn in schools and colleges. In other words, internet is a free mean of acquiring knowledge. Regarding the better use of Instagram you can learn all about art, photography, film, marketing, advertising in one place. So if you are serious about improving the quality of your posts on Instagram here are a couple of ways to go about it.

Effect and filters

There are various useful books that you can read online and learn what it takes to capture stunning photos. We all know that when it comes to posting on Instagram, quality of your photos is only one important element that you need to pay attention to. Professional photographers know that everything from angle, source of light, frames to filters can affect the purity of their photos.


This is why they invest time and money in gathering knowledge and tools to provide best possible photos. So before you think about improving your posts, get the right gear to do so by investing in a decent camera. And Instagram offers more than enough filters and effects to make your photos look amazing just as if you are using a professional camera.

Adding stickers

Talking about how Instagram provides various means for enhancing your photos let’s take a moment and notice the importance of stickers. Every photo or video that you are about to post can be improved with this new feature. Adding stickers to your photographs will give the context as they will become more meaningful and self-explanatory thus relieving you of a process of attaching a description to your post. After you’ve taken a photo, simply click on a new sticker button next to drawing and text tools.

Means of seeing private content


In case you don’t know or aren’t familiar with new updates, there are apps that can let you see the content that is otherwise locked or inaccessible. Using this Instagram spy app will let you see that private profile that you’ve always wanted to see but didn’t want to follow. Now you can easily access all their photos and videos that you weren’t able before. Think about endless possibilities that this app offers and secrets that you can learn and use to improve your posts. Be sure to pick only popular profiles as there isn’t much to learn about posting quality photos from bottom feeders on Instagram.

Adding text to your video and photo posts

Did you know that next to adding stickers you can also add text directly to your photos and videos? This can make your content much more interesting as you can create a mini-story like content. Click on the text icon presented with an upper case and lower case letter “A” next to one another. Not only that you can add text, but you can also choose the style, size, and color of your text. If you want to increase the size of it, simply click on the vertical three dot icon. You can also use emojis and mention a friend in your post by typing his name in your text. Every modification like size, color and position as well are allowed, and it’s all available so that your posts can look better and offer more than just a picture or a video. So improvise and be creative, experiment with effects and be sure to use a different one for every single post that you share.

Tagging and mentioning


You can also tag a person in your photo by clicking on the menu button, then “tag” option if you use iOS. If you have an Android phone, simply click anywhere on the photo (this can be a face, object or part of a body) and a menu will appear where you can type a name of your friend that you want to tag. And if you feel like mentioning someone that you think will appreciate the gesture of associating them with your posts you can do so as well. After you’ve captured a picture, and if you’re tagging someone important and famous make sure that the picture is top quality, simple type @ and their name. After you share your post, they will get a notification that you’ve tagged them.

Expand the reach of your posts

If you feel that the content you are posting on Instagram should also be available on your profile on other social platforms, you can link your account. By doing this, you increase your audience and expand the reach of your posted content. To do so go to account setting and click on link account. From there you can choose which platform you want to use. You can make your posts reach for more virtual ground by changing the privacy settings of your posts. Maybe you have a public profile on Instagram but a private one on Facebook. To change this go to your Facebook’s account and find “who can see your posts” option.

Send a direct message

Although Instagram’s sole purpose is posting and sharing of photos and videos to each, you can also send a private post or a message to your friends. To find this option look for the drawer like icon in the top right corner of your screen. After you’ve tapped the icon, it shows you the list of all your private messages. If you want to send a new message to a different recipient that found in the list click on the x button and type your message. Remember that you can also include your modified photos. It’s as if you’ve shared your photo, except that only your recipient will be able to see it.

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