(Last Updated On: April 22, 2018)

We all want bigger and wider audience, as the business depends on the results of our marketing, don’t we? It is indeed important for a business that it’s represented in the best possible way. Depending on your preferred method of gaining the crowd and representing your ideas, you might get more or less traffic than the usual amount for that business. In order to stand up to the standards, or to exceed the expected number, you should consider starting from the basics of marketing.

One of the most popular methods of advertising on Instagram is by posting short videos in which your product, or service, is described. The goal is to display yourself in that way that you get the most attention as possible with it. In order to express your thoughts and ideas in the best possible manner on social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social platforms with similar advertising potential, you should consider learning about these 6 essential tips for creating a video on Instagram.

Make a plan

Before you can start making an Instagram video you must set clear goals. What you should be asking yourself is, what is the purpose of my video, how effective it will be and what can be expected as a result of editing and posting it. Create a setting that best accommodates the idea that you are representing. Stick to high-quality videos and effects when editing and use every tool at your disposal.


The success of several top-tier online businesses depends on the methods that enable them to view private instagram accounts. And despite the obvious fact that these actions aren’t quite accepted by the wide audience, you can learn much from them. Marketing is a tricky subject when determining which methods of advertisement should be considered as just and right for a business. Therefore you should determine from the start, how you’ll reach out and keep your audience.

Be precise when setting the expectations

Another great tip for making a video on a social platform with over 1 billion users on a daily basis, is to be realistic with the expectations. No matter how good your video is you shouldn’t expect that the outcome of posting such high quality, cleverly directed video should allow you to reach out to minds of every Instagram user out there. Instead, you should think of a much smaller piece of the pie as a reward for your online efforts to reach the sky with your business. Be sure to write down what can be expected with your videos, and do list phases of success in the process. This way, you’ll be able to monitor your success and easily alternate your video material or entire marketing technique should it prove to deliver no or little result.


Stick to loud and clear when delivering information

Once you start the creative process and actually record an Interesting video, you must edit the material so that it delivers loud and clear information to its viewers. If they don’t see the picture you’re seeing then you won’t achieve much with that or your future Instagram videos. You must learn how to perceive things from the perspective of a member of your audience. Once you do that, creating an interesting video for your targeted audience shouldn’t be a problem. Even on a daily basis. If your daily routine involves creating or contributing to posting videos on Instagram, you should be able to easily perform these actions.


Make it short and precise

Instagram isn’t a social platform that focuses on posting videos but photos. Nevertheless, it allows business as well as individuals to present their ideas via video material as well. Being that most Instagram users expect to see mostly photos on their feed, you should create your videos of short length. The longer the video, the more interesting it must be to keep the attention of the viewer. When creating a video you should bear in mind that your audience doesn’t have much patience and won’t be interested in watching a video longer than 1-2 minutes. Conduct a research on popular video length on this social network and adapt your business strategy accordingly.

Choose your followers

To get the most of your videos on this social platform, be sure to pick your audience from the start. This doesn’t imply that you should stick only to that audience in the future. You can expand your reach as you progress down the line. But initially, you should keep your attention on how your primary targeted audience reacts to your posted videos. Monitor the interaction level on a daily basis, and be sure to notice the number of followers as you record the data. This should keep your success rate in a steady pace, therefore you’ll be able to expect nothing but the best from videos posted in the future.


Continuity matters

Once you figure out the golden ratio of presenting your ideas via a video on this particular social platform, you should work on continuity. In the beginning, you won’t be able to post more than one quality video on a daily basis. But once you get used to the feeling of being right when it comes to creating, editing and posting a successful Instagram video you’ll start to increase the number of daily posts. As you grow as a business or individual, you’ll learn that it’s a simple process which should become a routine. Research, target, apply and monitor results. It’s as easy as that. And all you have to do is to keep the continuity of posting videos.


Creating a successful video on this or similar social platform with enviable advertising potential isn’t as easy as you can imagine. Luckily the information provided above should prove more than useful to individuals that are just starting their business on or those that are less acquainted with the advertising potential that Instagram has to offer.

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