(Last Updated On: May 18, 2017)

One of the best ways to attract attention on Instagram is by holding contests. Everybody does it, but not all who use this marketing strategy get results from it. If you’re among those Instagrammers that are finding it difficult to attract attention, it’s time to learn how to engage with your audience.

By utilizing this technique successfully, you’ll notice that your posts are generating much more interaction than before. Provided that you have a decent amount of followers on your Instagram account, holding a contest from time to time will improve your follower numbers even more.

But how do you hold one that is worth of your follower’s attention? Here are a couple of ideas that will help you understand how to crate a contest that attracts attention successfully.

Like-to-Win contest

You’ve probably heard about this one. No matter how many Instagrammers use this technique every day to get interaction,it is still quite effective. So how do you make the most out of this technique and amass interactions from your contest? Start by announcing the contest in which to participate, your followers only need to like your photo.


State that the winner will by hand-picked by you and don’t forget to mention the prize. The prize should be something symbolic but nonetheless valuable enough so that it attracts their attention. This is what will determine how much interaction you’ll get.

Don’t make it last for eternity, be mindful and reasonable. At the end of the contest simply pick a random account and announce the winner. Be sure to thank all the other participants and mention that they can get another chance once you hold another one.

Selfie contest

It seems that everyone loves to take a selfie from time to time. Some Instagrammers do it more frequently than others. To get a decent amount of interaction from your selfies posted on Instagram you must have a valid reason to do so. You can’t just post hundreds of selfies on a daily basis and expect people to like every single one of those photos.

By creating a selfie contest, you’ll give your followers a reason to post more selfies. More importantly, they’ll do it on your post, encouraging others to do the same. To start a selfie contest simply announce it and make some rules. Make it interesting by limiting the use of certain filters or anything similar.


Just like before, at the end of the contest pick the best selfie and make it a winning one. You’d be surprised how many likes you’ll get at the end of it. Try to invite as many people as you can by making your post public.

This way even private Instagram accounts will have a chance to participate and win a prize at your selfie contest.You’ll get publicity and likes, while your followers get the attention from others and, of course, a prize. This way everybody wins!

Brand related contest

Brand related contest are becoming incredibly popular nowadays. Because Instagram attracts more brands with each day to join and become a member of the community, the conflict between them seems as inevitable. This competition to attract followers to use and promote their brand might just be one of the best ways to get likes from your posts.


The idea is to use a brand to induce people into sharing their photos of wearing that brand. Before you start the contest, explain the rules. The winner will be announced only after the number of photos posted reaches your desired limit. The length of the contest is entirely up to you.

The winner should be decided mostly by the public but by your decision as well. Only the most stylish and fashionable use of the brand should be considered as winning photo. Encourage them to be creative when posting brand related photos, but set some ground rules, so they don’t wonder off from the topic too much.

Hashtag contest

Just like any other, hashtag contests encourage users to interact with your posts and give you a chance to engage your audience. Only the most popular and relevant hashtags to your topic of choosing should be taken into consideration. Don’t forget to mention the prize.

Otherwise, you won’t attract too many Instagrammers to your event. This gives you a chance to directly interact and use your audience to figure out which hashtags suit you best.


You’ll get a pretty decent idea which hashtags to use with your future posts, while the winner of your contest gets publicity and, of course, a prize. If you aren’t quite sure what the prize should be, take a look at other similar contests and see what they had to offer to their contestants.

Best comment contest

That’s right; there is a ‘best comment’ contest as well. It might not sound like the best idea for a contest, but it will attract a lot of attention from your followers. So how does it work? Simply post a statement or anything that can evoke any type of emotion among your followers and challenge them to respond to it with the best comment they can think of.

The winning comment should be the one that accumulates more likes than other comments on your post. This way you’ll get a decent amount of interaction from your followers, but more importantly, attract avast amount of Instagrammers that aren’t on your follower list.


This provides a great opportunity to expand your reach and engage an audience that was previously unreachable. How successful your contest will be in terms of attracting other than your followers, depends solely on the question or a statement that you posts.

This should be a statement on a well familiar topic. For example, if there were a couple of major events in your home city, you may ask your followers for their opinion on the activities in these events.

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