(Last Updated On: April 3, 2017)

Instagram has become a widely known social network where people are using it for a variety of reasons. Depending on how you perceive Instagram, and what you use it for, there is a list of profiles that you should follow in order to increase your exposure to those topics. What do YOU use Instagram for?

Naturally, if you’re using this amazing social platform to expand your business network, or gain publicity for your work you should search for profiles that match your interest.

But sometimes it’s good to have your fingers in every pie, and gather information from all sources available. You never know where your next inspiration may come from. Without further ado, here are some of the most inspirational pages that you might want to follow.

#1 humansofny

Nothing inspires better than a true story that has moral values imbedded in those who speak it. Humans of New York started as a Facebook page and transformed into a book of examples and unique stories of common people from New York.


It’s good to have stories like these in your news feed as inspiration for your next work might come from every single one of these posts.

#2 earthxplorer

Follow JD Andrews’s work as he travels the world and visits distant and exotic places. If you’re into photography and looking for useful tips, and examples of great work to upgrade your skills look no further.

Having these professionally crafted photographs pop up every once in a while in your feed will be highly beneficial for improving your photography skills.

#3 junantoHerdiwan

Thinking outside of the box is what separates true artists from everybody else who’s into photography. Having top notch equipment won’t buy get you recognized as a professional photographer. It’s how you use that equipment.

If you’re looking to create a different approach on photography, follow this profile and get a daily feed of people levitating and interacting with surrounding in rather strange ways. This is what art is all about.

#4 jimmymarble

When you’re tired of trying to find new ways to view private profile that might or might not give you some insight on how professional photographers work, you can simply follow those that aren’t locked.


There are many profiles on Instagram that can teach you a couple of things on photography, and jimmymarble is definitely one of them. So go ahead, look it up and start following this ingenious photographer to elevate your art to another level.

#5 petehalvorsen

A unique blend of elegance and contrast in works of this Manhattan Beach-based photographer is what separates his work from the rest.

By mainly focusing on capturing images from Manhattan Beach, this artist shows the beauty and elegance of the simplicity in everyday things and situations.

His efforts to capture ordinary moments and transform them into real pieces of arts are truly inspiring; this is why you should start following him ASAP.

#6 couldihavethat

A great example of how insightful a profile name can be, offering exactly what the name suggests. Being that this profile that is all about Californian lifestyle, you can learn a thing or two about representing your brand through photography.

If you’re not into this kind of art, try filtering the amount of post you get from this page. Remember that every attempt of art that you see can teach you about certain aspects of professional photography. Learn from their mistakes, what’s wrong with that?

#7 happsters

Is there a better way to start your day than with inspiring quote or a street art? If you choose to follow happsters, you’ll have access to all sorts of uplifting quotes and start your day as you should.

Scrolling through you feed while you’re having your morning coffee can be that much interesting if you have this profile in your following list.

#8 thetravelingmrfox

Traveling photographer who uses a Fox rag doll in every photo to show you places of great beauty. Visit the shores of Florida or the streets of Italy, and get your inspiration for your next travel.


This is an interesting example of how you can make your photographs interesting by adding something as simple as another object in the frame.

Without the rag doll in every photo, this artist wouldn’t be any different from tons of others who chose to capture a couple of frames in every city they visit.

#9 karlthefog

Focusing on what San Francisco has to offer, the sky, in particular, this account will surely put you in a mood to create something similar of your own.

The beauty in simplicity never stops to amaze the public; this Instagrammer is well familiar with this aspect of photography.Seemingly common approach on capturing skies all across San Francisco, gave this user fame and publicity that he deserves.

The catch is to stick to one thing and put all your efforts into perfecting it. This way you create a brand of your own and give your followers something to come back to every day.

#10 jaredchambers

This guy knows what photography is all about. And if you think that architecture can’t be as interesting as anything else you’re wrong.

The beauty in his art hides behind his ability to capture something as mundane as a building of no particular quality regarding architecture, and present it as a piece of art.

This is usually done by adjusting the lighting, effects, frames and manipulating the color in every picture that you’re about to post.


If truly consider yourself to be a photograph enthusiast, you might as well start following some of these profiles (if not all of them) and see how it improves your skills and motivates you to achieve greater things.

Remember to spend a decent amount of time on editing your every post and photo, before you post it. Your followers should be able to rely on your work and get the same quality of every post that your share online.

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