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About Instagram Security Settings

There was a lot of talk in the past few months regarding Instagram security, how to protect your profile from unwanted followers, and the possibility of unlocking private profiles and seeing the content on their feed. Instagram allows users to share their media on social network platforms in mere seconds where users have complete control over their content.

In September 2012 Instagram founders incorporated their network with Facebook allowing users to share their media on Facebook as well. Privacy policy was updated, and security measures were tightened to provide the best experience on social media while keeping the safety of their content. Any user that chooses to change their account settings to private can do so at any time. Users choose who they are going to address to and who can see their content, and that includes posts, photos, and videos.

For any security system to work, it needs to have a firewall of some kind that will act as a filter which allows only a specific type of information to go through. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, co-founders of the most popular social network, knew everything there is to know about security on the internet and implemented that knowledge in the process of creating Instagram. This is why Instagram guarantees safety to its users and the content to which it has access.

Any user on Instagram can see a public profile’s content, but that doesn’t mean that they can edit it or change it in any way. This is why even public profile users feel safe and chose Instagram over any other social network. Any security system can be breached, and people will always try to exploit flaws in it, this is why Instagram insists on constant updates.

See Who is Looking at Your Instagram Profile

Having a public profile on Instagram makes it difficult to keep track of followers that visit your profile. Just like any other social network, Instagram doesn’t monitor your profile’s traffic, so you can’t really tell if one follower views your content more often than another.

Luckily, there are ways to track their activity on your profile by scanning different sections of your account. There are numerous tools that will provide this services so you can have complete control over your content.

They provide numerous information to their users mostly informing them when a person subscribes and when someone unfollows them. Although they can’t tell you who views your profile on a daily basis, they can help you understand your audience.

Knowing who you are addressing to and how your targeted audience reacts to your posts if far more important than keeping track of random people that visit your account for this or that reason.

If you want to be popular and successful on Instagram, you need to understand how it works looking from both yours and your follower’s angle. This will improve the quality of your posts and keep you focused on enhancing it.
To do this manually, you can check the comment section on your profile or count the number of likes from individual followers that interact with your photos and posts. The non-followers will also interact will your content so you can keep track of their activity as well.

If you feel uncomfortable about strangers interacting with your posts, you can set your profile settings to private. This will make your posts and uploads available only to your followers. Applications like Statigram, Unfollowgram, and Nitrogram, are also useful for monitoring the activity on your profile.

Private vs. Public Instagram Profile

Knowing that Instagram users have the possibility to change their profile settings to either public or private we want to make sure that they know pros and cons of both profile types. Having a public profile most certainly has some advantages and we’ll ensure that we list them all as well as disadvantages that it might have.

First of all, users that chose public profile settings usually don’t have anything to hide. Their posts are top quality and safe for everyone to see. This way you can gain a lot of followers and popularity due to the obvious availability of your content. The downside of it is that you can’t have the freedom of posting just about anything that comes to mind.

You need to keep in mind that your family, relatives, and ex girlfriends/boyfriends also have an account on Instagram. So the bottom line is that public profile users can generally get more followers and increase their popularity on Instagram. The downside of it is that they lack the freedom and that public profile users must pay attention that the content they are posting is for a wide audience.

Private profile settings will let you filter your followers and give you control over your audience. If you want to address to a particular group of people and share your content only with them, then you should make your Instagram profile private. The benefits of having a private profile are that you will have complete freedom in posting content as your followers are carefully picked, and they already understand you.

You are not dealing with strangers here so you can stop worrying and post anything that you want. Remember that only followers can see your feed, and anyone else who wants to check your posts will have to get your permission first, by sending you a follow request. The only thing that might be considered as a downside is that you won’t be ultra-popular due to the limited number of followers that you have.

Can you See Private Profiles on Instagram?

Many websites claim that there is a way, usually by downloading their apps, to see the locked content on private Instagram user’s profile. In some cases, there are confirms from users themselves that these applications actually work. The process of downloading this program is simple, where all that users has to do is to click on the download button which leads them to a survey server that they need to fill up in order to complete the download.

Everyone knows that surveys which promise some kind of reward are usually a hoax. However, this was never confirmed with applications that can allegedly unlock private Instagram profiles. There are statements that they work, and there are statements that they don’t. If you want to try them, you can do it at your own responsibility as there are no official confirm that they actually work.

There were cases reported by Instagram that some users complained about the security of their private profiles. How they learned that someone was poking around their content is beyond us, but complaints were made, and that is an official information. In an attempt of trying to explain this Instagram can call to hacker attacks that exploited even some of the biggest security networks such as F.B.I. Database or Sony Pictures Entertainment.

There were numerous hacker attacks in the past, but the reason behind targeting a particular, seemingly unimportant Instagram account is unknown. Anonymous hacker group was responsible for many hacker attacks reported in the past, but breaching Instagram security was not one of them.


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